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Pricing Page

Welcome to the pricing page. C&C long arm services are considered the best value in the nation. Each quilt is priced on two factors:

#1 -The size of the quilt, amount of thread needed to complete your design, density of designs and;

#2 - The number of desired "extras" to complete your order. C&C offers batting, backing, seaming, and binding services for your convenience.

Pricing Policy

C&C requires 50% of the quilt estimate to be paid in advance before work can begin on your quilt.

An invoice showing the balance of your bill will be e-mailed to you. Payment in full is required before the quilt will be shipped.

We offer PayPal as a convenience to our clients. Contact me for more information.

Shipping Notes:

Rush shipping and quilting is available!

For 7-day rush orders add 25% of quilt order + cost of Federal Express

For 4-day rush orders add 50% of quilt order + cost of Federal Express


  Size Basic Moderate Custom Showpiece
Baby 45 x 45 $30 $41 $51 $81
Twin 72 x 90 $97 $130 $162 $259
Double 80 x 90 $108 $144 $180 $288
Queen 90 x 110 $149 $198 $248 $396
King 98 x 110 $162 $216 $270 $431

(Prices vary according to size and detail)


Baby/Youth     $15     Notes on Binding: C&C uses 2 1/2" wide binding, for cotton and thin polyester bats, & 2 3/4" wide binding for 21 oz polyester batting.

Pricing is for prepared binding, machine sewn to the front and then machine sewn to the back.

Debbie also offers:

Sewing prepared binding to one side for you to hand sew at home, or
Prepared binding machine sewn onto the quilt front and then hand sewn onto the back. Please call for pricing.

Nota Bene: For quilters who request their fabric to be cut into binding, please specify straight cut or bias.
Twin/Double $20
Queen $25
King $35
XL King $45


(Cotton 80/20) $6.75/yard

Polyester batting

1/4" loft
1 1/2" loft

*Quilters - please anticipate the addition to quilting prices if you require batting, thread, backing, binding, pressing, and seaming. Cute & Cozy is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness of piecing.

A Note From Debbie:

"For my clients with specific quilt design desires, I request that detailed notes be safety pinned (not straight pinned, PLEASE) to the quilt top. This avoids loss or misunderstanding and disappointment.

Please include a cell/phone number as well, where I can reach you, in case there is a question or a need to clarify your notes. This makes sure everyone is happy.

Clients can also give me free reign over a quilt by requesting a "custom" design. Either way, it gives me the chance to meet, and then exceed, expectations."