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Preparing your quilt for Quilting

  • Please prepare your backing fabric, at least 4 inches extra per side. This helps to make sure there is enough backing fabric for your quilt, after it is loaded onto my machine.
  • Please square up your backing fabric.
  • Please, please, please make sure your fabric is color set, especially if using a lower quality fabric. After putting hours into the making of your beautiful quilt top, the last thing you want is to have a red or black fabric bleed, when the quilt is washed.
  • Please cut your threads. Long threads on the back of the quilt may show through lighter colored fabrics.
  • Press your quilt top and backing.
  • In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please mark the top/bottom on the quilt top and backing, if there is one.
  • Do not pin the layers of the quilt together. I load each layer onto my table separately, so if it’s pinned together I will have to take time to unpin the layers..


Each quilt is priced on the size of the quilt and the amount of quilting you desire. To determine an estimated price for quilting use the following formula;

Length_______________ x Width___________ = ___________ Square inches of your quilt.

Square inch of quilt ___________ x _____________ quilting price.

What kind of quilting do you want??

Basting; $ .01 (per square inch)

I will baste your quilt so that you can hand quilt it.


Basic quilting; $ .02 (per square inch)

  • I don’t want a lot of quilting, just something to hold it together.

Large designs, more open, un-quilted areas.

Do you want a large meandering or stipple?

Do you prefer a pantograph design? This is a design that is continuously repeated across your quilt from edge to edge, top to bottom.



Custom quilting; $ .035 and up (per square inch)

  • I’d like my quilt to have some personality. I’d like to showcase my work.

More quilting then basic quilting, less open un-quilted area.

Do you have blocks that you would like to accentuate, Stitch in the ditch, a quilted design to enhance the block piecing? Do you want a different design in the border(s) or sashing? Background fills?



Heirloom quilting or Show quilts; $ .06 and up (per square inch)

  • The more quilting the better!

Would you like to enter your quilt in a quilt show? Have you always dreamed of having one of those quilts that look too nice to use?

Call me, let me know what you are thinking, together we will design the quilt of your dreams. OR if you don’t know what you want, leave it up to me, trust me to put my artistic ability to work for you.

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